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Aug 24, 2018

In this episode of The Doctor’s Life podcast, host Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn sits down with Dr. Buck Joffrey to talk about wealth management. Dr. Buck is a surgeon, asset manager, founder of multiple seven to eight-figure businesses, host of The Wealth Formula Podcast, and author of the international #1 bestselling book 7 Secrets of Eternal Wealth. Dr. Buck’s mission is to provide financial education for high-paid professionals. In this conversation, the two define holistic wealth, push back against conventional wisdom offered in finance, and provide tangible action steps for joining the upper echelon of wealth management.

At the beginning of their conversation, Dr. Buck shares how he went from having a narrow mind on wealth management as a physician to experiencing true financial freedom. While he used to believe “wealth” meant being able to live out your desired lifestyle independent of active income, he found that reaching that milestone left him unsatisfied. But that dissatisfaction led to great things because through some soul-searching and self-education in wealth management, Dr. Buck discovered the keys to joining the top percentage of the world’s wealthy and realized his passion for teaching others about wealth management was more fulfilling than money could ever be. Thus, by pursuing work that he was passionate about, Dr. Buck became holistically rich in life.

The second key part of this conversation centers around the many lies found in the conventional wisdom of wealth management. Dr. Dianne and Dr. Buck draw a parallel between corrupt motives in big business and the ways that many wealth management advisors and agencies are ironically perpetuating poor stewardship of money. They denounce blind faith in the conventional financial wisdom and then make a case for the time-tested form of investing in tangible items such as land and real estate rather than equity markets.

Finally, as the conversation closes, Dr. Buck provides tangible action steps towards achieving holistic wealth. First, he mentions seeking formal education (such as an accounting class) and professional advising from CPAs and lawyers. Second, he reveals a secret form of health care used by the world’s wealthiest people that never loses money and has the potential for massive earnings. He also talks about how physicians can get out of “the golden handcuffs” of a career that pays their bills but drains their souls. This conversation on wealth management is filled with invaluable advice, both practical and inspirational, that will liberate physicians of all income levels.


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