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May 9, 2020

All of us wish to encourage others but most of us feel inadequate around it. What you say and do for others to encourage them carries tremendous impact--think of the people that have influenced or even discouraged you during your life and you will know that this is true.

In today's episode, Dr. Dianne interviews James E. Brown, Jr. who is the founder and CEO of Encourage X, which is truly unlike any internet website/platform that has been created to date. In Encourage X, there is wealth of knowledge on how to encourage people during not only grief and loss, but events that we celebrate as well. With a catalog of guides written by experts on over 1800 human experiences, if someone has gone through it and you want to know how to encourage them, Encourage X ( is your place.

They start the conversation with James describing his personal journey through the corporate world to launching Encourage X ( which began with being encouraged in his freshman year in high school from a surprising source, and the details of what EncourageX has to offer to both individuals and organizations, including health care organizations.

The platform has been white labeled and adopted by companies and health care systems to provide encouragement for their employees.

Some exciting developments have been the opportunity for individual curators to publish their own helpful content, thereby essentially creating their own membership platform within EncourageX.

In addition, there are way to create your own community and additional ways to curate your own family's content.

They also have a detailed discussion about the confidentiality, privacy protection and standards of EncourageX and how it is distinguished well beyond social media sites in the community and family connections spaces.

You can find EncourageX at

Contact James E. Brown, Jr. CEO at

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