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Mar 27, 2020

We have such a great episode today!

Dr. Carolyn Fitzpatrick is a busy family practitioner in an academic center where she is a medical director and residency program director. She also has 4 children, the first of which she had as an intern (!?!). She is a superwoman! However, you will be captivated by her down-to-earth sharing of her experiences of having 4 children while developing and maintaining her career, including how to choose a residency that is supportive for families.

Dr. Dianne and Dr. Carolyn first discuss how Dr. Carolyn got into medicine as a non-traditional student, including her experiences of being pregnant as a medical student and giving birth as an intern, and everything that goes with it--including breastfeeding and pumping while at work--oh yes, we talk about it all!

Our talk progresses into how to manage child care, paternity leave, how much to be available to home when you are at work, and even the basic question of whether or not children can hinder one's medical career.

You will not want to miss this podcast, which is filled with great stories and advice as well as being enlightening, encouraging and inspirational.